Who Wears Clip In Hair Extensions?

Who Wears Clip In Hair Extensions?

A variety of different colored hair extensions for any person

A variety of different colored hair extensions for any personEven though they are increasing in popularity, there is still a certain negative stigma surrounding the idea of using and wearing any types of hair extensions or hair pieces. This is unfortunate because they can be used by a number of women, for varying reasons.

Who Should Be Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions?

There is no ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ candidate for wearing any type of hair extensions. What’s great about the quality of products currently available is that they’re more accessible to a wide base, and they all might have their own specific needs.

Those Dealing With Hair Loss

As women age, some of them will begin to go through varying degrees of hair loss. This can be difficult for them to handle, since hair can be such an identifying aspect of their identity over the course of their life. That being said, clip in hair extensions are one of the best ways for women to help retain a full head of hair without needing to use expensive surgeries or medicine. Besides adding length, these extensions can also provide volume in certain parts, which gives you more flexibility with the way you want to look and style your hair. That being said, for those who are dealing more specifically with hair loss, tape in hair extensions might be better option since they don’t put nearly as much stress on your scalp and the hair you currently have left.

Short Hair, Don’t Care!

Cutting your hair is by no means reversible situation, at least not in the short term. If you choose to chop off some of your long, luscious locks to rock a specific look, it’s going to be a long time before you grow it all back. However, you’re not stuck with your short hair if you don’t want to be. If there’s a particular occasion where you really want to rock long hair, clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution. You can visit your favorite salon and ask them what sort of options are available, and what the timeline might look like for getting them installed. The best quality extensions are going to last more than just a night, so make sure you also know how to take care of them. Maintaining long, voluminous locks might be a change of pace if you’ve had short hair for a while, so know what you’re getting yourself into.

Bring Some Color Into Your Life

If you’re looking for a way to change up your look without doing anything too radical or permanent, colored clip in hair extensions are a great way to go. First of all, this means you won’t need to use any sort of chemical solution, which is far more permanent (and can possibly lead to regret). A streak of color with an extension lets you add a little flair to your everyday life. If you find that it’s something you don’t love, you can easily just remove it without needing to worry about damaging other aspects of your hair.