What To Do With Old Clip In Hair Extensions

What To Do With Old Clip In Hair Extensions

Reuse Your Old Clip In Hair Extensions When They Get Frizzy and Tangled

Reuse Your Old Clip In Hair Extensions When They Get Frizzy and Tangled

Finding New Ways to Use Old Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions don’t last forever. Once they start getting tangly and ratty, you know it’s probably time to buy some new ones. However, your old hair extensions aren’t completely useless. Especially if you took wonderful care of your hair extensions, your clip in hair extensions can be reused to continue to give you great hair.

Create A Hair Bun

If you like the look of a bun but don’t like your hairs lack of volume, use your old hair extensions to create a super bun. You’ll need old hair extensions, a hair donut, bobby pins, and hair ties.

To create the extension donut, clip the hair wefts into the donut somewhere in the middle. Twist the hair so it is easier to pull through the center and spread the extension to cover the donut. Keep wrapping until you run out of hair and secure with a bobbypin. Repeat with other clip in hair extensions until the doughnut is completely covered or you achieved your desired thickness.

To attach the donut to your hair, pull your hair into a ponytail. Pull the ponytail through the center and splay the hair to cover the donut. Place a hair tie around the hair at the base of the hair piece to secure it. Twist the ends of the hair around the bun and secure in place with bobby pins.

Make Your Own Bump It

If your clip in hair extensions are a little ratty, they aren’t useless. In fact, they can be used to give your hair even more volume. To make your own bump it, you’ll need to be able to backcomb.

You’ll want to use a larger hair weft for maximum volume. Remove the clips from the clip in hair extension and then separate the extension into sections. This will make it easier to backcomb. Backcomb each section until you have a knotted, ratty mess. Roll and shape it until it is in the shape of an oval. Then reattach the hair clips to make your bump it easier to attach to your head.

To use, section your hair at the crown. Clip your DIY bimp it and replace your hair on top of it. Style your hair as needed.

Try Fun Colors

If you’ve always wanted to try fun colors in your hair but too scared to commit to dye, old clip in extensions are a great way to do that. Your extensions are already used so the damage from the chemicals won’t really matter.

You can dye the extensions yourself or ask a salon professional for some help. Using hair chalk is also an impermanent option that won’t damage the hair. Either way, using your old extensions for a pop of color is a fun way to repurpose them. You can try the pastel trend or opt for a ‘90s neon streak. You can use hair chalk to blend the color if you wanted a whole-head transformation.

Using Clip In Hair Extensions

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