What’s So Great About Clip In Hair Extensions?

What’s So Great About Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip In Hair Extensions Are A Great Way To Change Your Look

Clip In Hair Extensions Are A Great Way To Change Your LookHow Amazing are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Sexy stars throughout celebrity history have traditionally been crowned with a gorgeous set of thick, shiny tresses. Until recently, many thought the stars were simply lucky to have good genes for amazing, glamorous hair, but with changing times come changing attitudes about keeping beauty secrets a secret. Contemporary fashionistas (and ladies simply wanting a change) have been drawn to new methods of pumping up their own locks that do not involve wearing traditional wigs, or using volumizing shampoo and conditioner systems with empty promises. While clip in hair extensions are not a new option for those seeking to add volume and/or length to their own hair, a surge in availability of higher-quality hair extensions and a new variety of methodology has ushered in a new league of clip-in hair extensions, and great hair is just a clip away.

Clip In Extensions Can Be the Start of a New You

Afraid of what your significant other will think of your new style, or what they may say? Still living at home with mom and dad, and unsure of an affordable option for a much-needed break from your drab beauty routine? Clip-In extensions are a perfect solution for a person who is interested in diversifying their appearance, but is hesitant to get a drastic color, or treatment. Hair extensions will typically match the client’s hair, but other colors, some quite vivid, are available to those whose style is only limited by their imagination, and are ready for a chic win-win!

You Can Be as Creative as You Please

Sometimes a real change is needed — a simple addition of color, length, or volume isn’t enough for the most fashion-forward or fashion-out-there. Some feel the need to clip in extensions that neither match their hair color, nor their hair length, and that’s just fine! Shaved sides and long opposites are in, so don’t be afraid to mix and match lengths, or blend pink and brown with a splash of blue. Even bald on one side and waist length on the other is an amazing way to show the world how you’re feeling. Not as adventurous? Don’t worry — you’re not alone. Most extensions will be manufactured to match the spectrum of regular hair colors, and some even have color plus highlight options, giving you the chance to decide if you’re going for pretty, or super-glam.

Whether you have commitment issues, or just love change, Clip In Hair extensions can be exactly what you need.

With clip-ins, you’ve got a change that is easy to run to or be rid of. They can be installed by you, a friend, or a certified professional, which is always recommended. A professional can perfectly match your hair, give excellent recommendations, and even offer styling tips and tricks. It is important to maintain your extensions as you would your own hair, but the trade off is small for having the look you’ve been waiting for. Versatile, appealing to everyone, and available in a variety of hair textures, clip in extensions are there for your cocktail party, or your yacht-weekend-girls’-night-out combo adventure. Get ready to love the way you look!