Things to Know About Revive

Things to Know About Revive

The Revive hairpiece top of the head hair extension system is a patent-pending product revolutionizing the hair styling world. Bobbi Russell and easihair pro have collaborated for an amazing solution to hair loss. The Revive hair piece does not require your client shave their head, like most hair pieces. This 100% natural Remy hair will look and feel like your client’s real hair. You will see an amazing change in their confidence and self-esteem. To be Revive certified you have to complete level 3 of the easihair pro training.

How Revive Works

The Revive hairpiece works by attaching the hairpiece your client’s natural hair. This revolutionary technique does not require your client to shave their head or cause any further hair loss. This technique does not cause your client any pain! The hair piece is placed on your client’s scalp and pieces of their hair are pulled through the holes to secure it. Your client will have to continue to pull their hair through the holes as their natural hair grows.

How Long Does It Last

The Revive hair piece lasts on average 4 weeks, depending on how well you take care of it. If you have a very active and oil scalp you may need a reapplication sooner, maybe 3 weeks. If you have a less active and normal scalp you can usually wait as long as 6 weeks before reapplication.

Proper Care

We recommend only using easihair pro products on your Revive hairpiece. This will ensure that there will not be any damage to the hair. You can wash it like your regular hair, however, it should be done more gently. When shampooing we recommend using a downward motion with lukewarm water. When using conditioner only apply to the ends of your hairpiece that way there will not be any loosening of the Revive system. This hairpiece can be blow dried, flat ironed, curled, and brushed just like you would want your natural hair.