About Eyes on Cancer

About Eyes on Cancer

Eyes on Cancer

During the month of October, easihair pro is teaming up with Eyes on Cancer. Eyes on Cancer trains beauty professionals in schools and salons. They become aware of skin cancer and how to recognize the early signs. Their mission is “to advance the prevention and early detection of cancer through education in the beauty industry. We seek to unite the beauty and medical professionals to lower the fatality rates of melanoma without causing harm through prevention and early detection. We are starting with melanoma awareness.” You can learn more about their mission statement and what they do at their site here.

The Certification Course

The certification course helps train beauty professionals all over the globe. It is designed for beauty professionals to be aware of skin cancer and be able to recognize the early signs of melanoma. This is a truly important duty for hair and beauty professionals since clients cannot see certain parts of their body. When you enroll in the certification course you have unlimited access for as long as you like, on any device.

October Promotion

When you buy a box of easihair pro’s easicolor in Grape Jelly you will receive a free training with Eyes on Cancer. Did you know that 20% of Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? Eyes on Cancer and easihair pro are determined to equipt beauty professionals with the tools to save lives. Trained eyes save lives.

Check out our video with Jeanne Braa/Foster on how Cancer has affected her:

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