Considering Hair Extensions?

Considering Hair Extensions?

hair extensions

Have you been thinking about hair extensions but aren’t sure if they’re the right fit for you? The possibilities are endless!

hair extensions

This blog post reviews the ways that hair extensions can change your hair:

Ponytails On Point

Do you want a ponytail like Ariana Grande but lack the length and volume of your natural hair? By adding clip in or tape in extensions into your hair you can add dimension to your everyday ponytail and buns. There is no limit to the hairstyles that can be created with tape ins or clip ins!

Give Your Hair Volume

Hair extensions aren’t only for length but also volume! If you like the length your hair currently is but you feel like it’s lacking body and bounce you can use tape ins or clip ins to turn up the volume a few notches.

To Create Longer and Thicker Braids

Do you dream of having a longer and thicker braid a la Rapunzel? Tape in or clip in extensions are perfect for this because they give your hair natural looking volume and length. Now you can finally try out that new fishtail braid you’ve been pinning!


Yes, you can add highlights and color with extensions. At easihair pro, we call this technique “Balayadd.” This method is great because it doesn’t cause damage to your natural hair that chemically treating your hair does!


I’m sure you have guessed this, tape in or clip in extensions can add length to your hair without having to wait for your hair to grow! Hair extensions are perfect for someone who is suffering from a bad haircut or have chemically damaged their hair. We have also heard stories of people who have dealt with illness throughout their life and have used hair extensions to regain their confidence.

Do you have hair extensions? Let us know what your favorite way to use them for is in the comments below!