How to Use Dry Shampoo

How to Use Dry Shampoo

Rush and Brush is a keratin infused dry shampoo. It revitalizes your hair in seconds while also adding moisture, repairing damage, volumizing, and strengthening. This dry shampoo is paraben free, chloride free, and sulfate free.

Everyone knows that our Rush and Brush is amazing. But what’s the right way to use it? Knowing how to properly use Rush and Brush, is a HUGE game changer. Whether you worked out at lunch or have second-day strands, dry shampoo is here for you.


Rush and Brush and other dry shampoos are meant for sprucing up second day and dirty hair. Hold the bottle 10-12 inches away from your roots. Lift up the hair in two-inch sections and spray lightly. There will be white residue on your roots. Don’t fear! It’s working its magic.


Let the residue set in your hair. By allowing the residue to sit on your scalp, you allow the excess oils on your scalp to be soaked up. Start on your makeup or use this time to pick out an outfit!


After you have allowed the dry shampoo to soak in your scalp, it is time for blending. Use your fingers to massage the residue into your hair. Massaging Rush and Brush into your hair, gives you some volume, and texture!


Use a brush to distribute the rest of the residue. By brushing Rush and Brush into your hair, you help work the work into your hair.

Optional: Styling

Use your favorite styling product or (heat) tool to finish your look.


  • Spray too close to your scalp.
  • Use too much dry shampoo.
  • Apply to anywhere except your roots.
  • Immediately rub it in after spraying.
  • Replace shampoo with dry shampoo.

Do you have any tricks for when you use dry shampoo? Leave it in the comments below!