Make Your Curls Last Longer

Make Your Curls Last Longer

We’ve all been there. You spend 30 minutes curling your hair and then you look in the mirror 5 minutes later and your hair is flat. Today we are going to share with you little ways that you can make your curls last longer. These tricks work for your natural hair and hair with tape in hair extensions.

Let Your Curls Cool

One of the most useful tricks to get your curls to stay is to let them cool down and spray with hairspray before letting your hair down. Take a strand of hair that is freshly curled and secure it in it’s spiral to let it cool down. By letting your hair cool down it allows the cuticle to lose and set in place. After the curl is cooled down and undone, wait a few more minutes before brushing your hair out. If you don’t let your curls cool down or break them too quickly, they will lose their form faster.

Choose the Right Products

By applying the correct styling products in your hair, it will make your hair last longer. Depending on the texture, length, and health of your hair there are different strategies. You can use mousse before drying or hair or hairspray after your hair is dry. Another trick we use at easihair pro is using our Rush and Brush Dry Shampoo before curling which adds texture to your hair. Using products helps your hair create a texture which holds curls for a longer amount of time.

Switch to Better Quality Hot Tools

You may think that your hair won’t hold a curl but more often than not, it’s the tools that you’re using. By investing in better quality, high-end tools you will notice that the problem is not your hair it’s the tools you’re using. With better quality tools they will treat your hair better causing less damage. Lower quality tools will cause more damage. At easihair pro we recommend using heat that matches with your hair. If you have fine/thin hair stick to 300 degrees max and no more than 350 degrees for thick hair.

If you’ve tried all of these tricks and your hair still doesn’t curl, it may be that your hair is damaged. Damaged hair with split ends does not curl well. We recommend laying off the heat, getting a trim, and giving your hair a little extra TLC.

Do you have any tips or tricks that weren’t mentioned? Leave them in the comments below!