How Often Should You Be Washing Your Hair

How Often Should You Be Washing Your Hair

wash your hair

wash your hair

Deciding on which days to wash your hair is definitely a struggle for us girls. If you wash your hair too much it will become brittle and dry. If you don’t wash your hair enough it will become greasy and flat. At easihair pro, we’ve tried all of the tips and tricks for finding the perfect middle ground for washing your hair. Below is a list of our favorites for your hair and your tape in hair extensions:

Hair Type

Have you ever wondered why there are different products for different types of hair? Everyone’s hair type is different. We all have a different texture, length, and color. If you have thick hair strands you can go longer without washing your hair. For thin haired girls you know it’s hard to go a day without washing. Hair with texture tends to be on the drier side and can go longer without washing and straight hair may require more washing. Whatever your hair type is, take into account what it actually needs and what it doesn’t.


The more active a lifestyle you live the more you have to wash your hair. What’s the reasoning behind this? The more you sweat, the more oil builds up on your scalp, clogs your pores and makes your scalp and roots dirtier faster.


If you have darker hair, then you’re in luck! You’re blessed with washing your hair two times a week max. Shampooing brunette hair too often will make you lose pigment causing your hair to become faded and lacking in color. Having enough pigment in your hair will also keep it looking less oily. Ladies will dark hair colors tend to keep their shine longer which means they don’t need to shampoo as often!

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

After taking in all the items above, you should have a pretty good idea at what your hair type is and how often you should wash it. The universal hair washing formula is once every 2-3 days.
Remember, the less you wash your hair the more it trains itself to not need washing. When your scalp realizes it isn’t being cleaned it produces less oil. Training your hair can take a long time but it’s worth it in the end! Remember you can always use easihair pro’s Rush and Brush dry shampoo to help on the days that you don’t have enough time to wash your hair.

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