Simple Hair Twist Tutorial

Simple Hair Twist Tutorial

Today, our creative team and model, Stephanie, is sharing a simple hair twist tutorial. This hairstyle is perfect for back to school, a night out, or anything in between. Stephanie is wearing our easicolor tape in extensions in Grape Jelly and Bubble Gum.  You can wear this style no matter the texture or length or your hair. You don’t even need extensions either! Here are the quick and easy steps to achieving this look:

1. Begin with brushed hair.

2. Use styling paste for more control.

3. Twist a small section from each side of your head.


4. Bobby pin to secure the twists.

5. Set hairstyle with hairspray.

Simple Hair Twist Complete. Feel free to add an accessories or adjustments that are needed.


Check out our detailed step-by-step video guide: