Sleeping With Hair Extensions

Sleeping With Hair Extensions

Ask any girl and they will tell you that they LOVE to sleep. Sometimes, us sleeping beauties, forget that even when we are tucked in, we can damage our hair.

tips for sleeping with hair

Sleeping with tape in hair extensions is easy and comfortable! Below are some tips on how to care for your hair while you get your much-deserved rest:

Dry Your Hair

Going to bed with your hair wet can make your hair more prone to breakage. When your hair is wet, it becomes more delicate and prone to breakage. Sleeping on dry hair will also prevent your hair from getting frizzy. Make sure to use a heat protectant like Heat Treat + Shine.

Brush Your Hair

Brushing out any knots and tangles will prevent a huge mess in the morning. Take sometime before bed to use our Premium Boar Detangling Brush. Make sure you start from the ends of your hair and work your way towards the root.

Use A Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcases are amazing for your skin and hair. They are less harsh than common cotton pillowcases. Silk Pillowcases allow for your skin and hair to move without causing friction.

Braid Your Hair

Placing your hair in a loose braid, fishtail, or french braid can help it from tangling throughout the night. You even get some nice, heatless waves when you take them out in the morning!

Avoid Elastic Hair Bands

Elastic hairbands can pull on your hair and cause breakage. Instead of elastic, try using a scrunchie. Hey, they’re even back in style right now! Make sure not to tie your hair bands too tight.


Do you have any tips for sleeping with hair extensions? Leave them in the comments below!