Sugar Skull Halloween Tutorial

Sugar Skull Halloween Tutorial

Emily Leon and Jennifer Pompa show us how they created their Sugar Skull look using easicolor tape in extensions.

Emily has tape in extensions in Brownie Finale and easicolors in Bubble Gum, Grape Jelly, and Icy Mint. Below are steps that you can follow to copy this look:

Create the stairway using Brownie Finale tape in extensions. This will give your hair more volume and length.

Repeat the stairway on the opposite side using easicolors in Bubble Gum, Grape Jelly, and Icy Mint.

Add easicolors to the other side to create a balance and add pops of color.

Curl hair and clip to cool.

While your hair is cooling, begin to apply makeup starting with foundation.

Apply eyeshadow, like normal, to one side of your face.

Finish the normal side of the face by applying powder.

Begin on the other side of your face using an eyeshadow primer.

 Apply purple eyeshadow and blend.

Begin sugar skull by outlining the skull mouth.

Use a white pencil to highlight the mouth outline.

Add purple makeup and blend.

Continue applying makeup down the neck. Add black jewels and eye contact for extra accent.

Remove clips and spray with hairspray to set curls.

Place jeweled facepiece on.

Completed Sugar Skull look.

Will you be trying this look? Let us know in the comments!