Tips to Combat Oily Hair

Tips to Combat Oily Hair

Do you ever feel like you just took a shower and your hair’s already oily? Then look no further. These tips and tricks will help you get your scalp back into tip-top shape.

Why Your Hair Gets Oily

Having natural oils in your hair is a completely normal aspect to healthy and living hair. So, why do we produce these oils?

The glands that release these oils are called Sebaceous glands. The Sebaceous glands are located everywhere on our body (except your hands and feet) and release sebum which is a lubricating oil. These glands are connected with your hair follicles. If you have naturally oil hair that means your sebaceous glands are alive and well! This is good and bad news. Uncontrollable sebaceous glands contribute to having oily hair and we are here to help:

Change Your Hair Washing Schedule

When you wash your hair too much, your sebaceous glands can actually overproduce the natural oil in your hair. Even if your hair is super greasy it’s best to reset your hair by changing up your hair washing routine. This will be unpleasant at first but fight through it! We recommend limiting your hair washing to 2 to 3 times per week.

Don’t Touch Your Hair

Have you ever thought about how many things your hands touch every day? Even if you wash your hands constantly there are still a bunch of germs and oils that rest on your hands. If you constantly are touching your hair, these germs and oils will transfer over to your scalp. If you have a problem with touching your hair throughout the day try keeping it up and away from your face.

Dry Shampoo

It’s hard to think about the days before Dry Shampoo. At easihair pro we are a firm believer in our dry shampoo “Rush & Brush.” There are so many benefits of adding dry shampoo into your beauty routine. How does dry shampoo work? After spraying dry shampoo on your roots, it acts as oil soaking agent for those excess oils. Rush & Brush can also be a great alternative to adding texture and volume to your hair.

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