Hair We Love | August 27th – September 2nd 2018

Hair We Love | August 27th – September 2nd 2018

Hair We Love August 27th - September 2nd 2018

Have you met our Educator, Marchelle Renee? Last week was filled with amazing hair. If you want to be featured on our weekly Hair We Love don’t forget to tag @easihairpro in your Instagram posts. Here are our favorites:


#TB to chubby cheeks because Thai food is delicious and irresistible ????

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What’s the worst compliment you could ever receive about your hair? ? • How about… “Your extensions look great!” Ummm… this is not a compliment AT ALL! If someone can tell you have extensions, then you need to find a new stylist asap! No woman ever wants someone to be able to tell she is wearing extensions. They should look so real that you are getting compliments like… “your hair looks awesome” and “omg, your hair looks the best it ever has! What did you do differently?” These are compliments to strive for and guess what?! We’ve got you covered in this department • Extensions for length is our 2nd most popular transformation package. When we are doing a Full Length Transformation, a lot of thought and planning goes into this. Not only do we want the blend to be seamless between your natural hair and the extension hair, but we also want the color to match spot on. We are able to color our extensions to match, but most of the time we don’t need to do this. We have 131 color options and carry them all in stock so we are always prepared for any type of hair that may walk into our doors • The panel placement on a Full Length Transformation is key to your extensions laying correctly without any channeling (separation making them look chunky). Our bonds look and lay as if they grow straight out of your head therefore leaving it look and feel just like your own hair. This is so important. If you get hair installed that has too much hair per panel, they will not blend with your own hair at all and will look chunky or not blend with your natural hair. • #easihairpro #volumeextensions #thickerfullerhair #thinninghairsolutions #extensionexpert #hairextensionsmagazine #hairextensions #salonadelle #Greenvillehairstylist #Upstatestylist #Greenvillesalonadelle #Greenvillehair #Hairsalongreenville #yeahthatgreenville #extensionsingreenville #greenvillehairextensions #greenvillesalon #hairsalongreenville #greenvillestylists #oribesalongreenville #greenvilleoribesalon #greenvillebloggers #businesscoach #greenvillesmallbusiness #wetbrush #bestofgreenville #greenville360 #thelocalgreenville #salonadelleowner #thatownerlife

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Balayaged and Glossed

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Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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