Hair We Love | March 18th – 24th 2019

Hair We Love | March 18th – 24th 2019

Do you know about the amazing Revive creator, Bobbi Russell? Click here to learn more! We are loving the looks you have been tagging us in on Instagram. Want to be featured?  Here is the hair we love for March 18th – 24th 2019:




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??? ??????? ??????? . . . . If you had it what would you do with it? . . It’s a conversation that happens a good bit in our chairs. “If I was rich…” most of us would pay bills off. Some would send thru missions. Im guessing there’s a few that would blow it with vacations or buying their dream whatever. . . If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard “I’d hire you to fix my hair everyday” I’d probably have $500 at least ? . . How many of you would actually spend it on yourself? . . I honestly believe that maintaining your image goes far with your well being. A good hair day, make up day, clothing choice or whatever could set you up for a good day even in the most gloomy of days. . . All of this to say that it’s ok to do for you. Most days we have people/children that we give everything we have to to make them happy. It’s good for you to do for yourself. Even if you don’t have a million dollars. . . This guest has full color, highlights, and extensions for volume through her sides. #btconeshot19_boblob #btconeshot

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