Tyler’s Revive Story with Trichotillomania

Tyler’s Revive Story with Trichotillomania

Who is Tyler?

Tyler Pierce is a Team USA Figure skater. She has also won two medals at the ISU Challenger Series in 2015. In 2014, Tyler won a silver medal at the US National Junior Competition. Due to the stress of competitive ice skating, Tyler began to suffer from trichotillomania, or hair pulling.

After Tyler noticed hair loss from trichotillomania, she searched for a solution. When traditional hair loss methods and hair extensions weren’t working for her, she found another way. Tyler met Melinda Galloway at Advanced Hair Aesthetics. Melinda introduced Tyler to easihair pro’s Revive system which is the only hair topper in today’s market that doesn’t require shaving of the top of the head.

Check out Tyler’s story with Revive below:

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