Meet Our Educator: Marchelle Renee

Meet Our Educator: Marchelle Renee

Meet Our Educator Marchelle Renee

Have you seen our blog on how hair extensions can make you look younger and thinner? This week we’re so excited to give the spotlight to one of our Educators, Marchelle Renne. Learn more about her here!

Meet Our Educator Marchelle Renee

What is your name?




How long have you worked for easihair pro?

I have been using ehp for 9 years and I have been an educator for ehp for 6 years.

How did you get started working here?

I love sharing my secrets with others. I knew I wanted to teach any and everyone how to achieve sustainable volume for their clients. I basically forced myself in as an educator, I don’t remember anyone asking me to join I literally think I just stalked Paul until I was on a plane to teach 🙂

What is your favorite aspect of working at ehp?

The level of personal development that has come with it. Looking back I can say I would not have achieved everything I have if it weren’t for my work with ehp.

Who is your “hair icon?”

I’m obsessed with Jen Gotch, the founder of Bando, and her sex hair. It literally has a personality of its own.

Describe your everyday hair look:

I wear ehp for volume only, I’m not a length girl. My hair is fine and very straight so I love a simple “California cool” vibe. A little flick, a little volume, not overly styled but for sure coiffed.

What are your go-to products for hair care and styling?

I can’t live with Melu heat shield by Davines. Other than that I am always trying something new. Currently, amika Bust Your Brass Violet Leave-in Treatment Foam and Sail soft wave spray by R+Co

What hair product can you not live without?

I can’t live without R+Co Spiritualized dry shampoo mist. it’s the only dry shampoo I have tried that doesn’t leave me feeling like I am wearing a powdered wig.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I LOVE a good Yin yoga with Reiki healing class, I wish they would just let me spend the night after class, it makes me SO relaxed. I love taking my son on adventures, swap meets, beach days, camping, and our weekly trips to Target for a new tractor toy. The little details and moments between the plans are my favorite.

The animal I most relate to is…

I’m an elephant. I really don’t forget, even when I wish I could.

The soundtrack to your life…

This must be the place (naive melody) – The Talking Heads

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