About Revive Hair Topper Inventor: Bobbi Russell

About Revive Hair Topper Inventor: Bobbi Russell

About Revive Hair Topper Inventor: Bobbi Russell

Bobbi Russell, the Inventor of the revolutionary Revive Hair Topper shares a little bit about herself and why Revive is so meaning full to her.

I am Bobby Russell from Tampa Florida and I am a master hair replacement specialist and also a Clinical Trichologist. The reason I created Revive was actually for two reasons. The first reason was for the guest that was suffering from hair loss who was using very old fashioned types of attachments. Every time I would do their hair, at the end of the service I knew there had to be a better way. Cutting down and shaving was making them uncomfortable, it was making me uncomfortable. So I was searching for a way to allow them to have a safe comfortable way to have their hair done that would keep their integrity in their heart and not hurt their feelings every month when they took it off.

The second reason is for the stylist because hair replacement is not an easy thing to normally tap into. There’s a lot to learn. So I created a system for the stylist so that it was an easy thing to learn. So that they could get up and move very quickly and provide the service for more women.

My favorite part about the transformations that I am able to create with Revive is a two-part answer. The first answer is What it does for a woman and the way that it makes them feel and how they get back their dignity. When you get Revive they stop looking at your head and start looking at your eyes. To watch that confidence and that transformation is fabulous.

The second part is the way that it makes me feel to know that I went to work today and made a difference and that I helped someone and I helped change somebodies life. There’s nothing like working with something that you know that you’re making a difference in your mattering and you’re mattering to somebody who’s going to come back maybe never been to a salon in 20 years and now you’re gonna see them every four weeks for the rest of their life.

They need you. And after a while, you kind of need them to.

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