Revive FAQ

Revive FAQ

Revive FAQ Bobbi Russell

Have you heard about hair extensions for the top of the head? Our Revive hairpiece is the solution! In case you were curious or have questions, we have all of the information here:

Revive FAQ Bobbi Russell

How long will the hair enhancement last?

The hair enhancement can last anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on how well the client takes care of the hair.

How long will the attachment last?

The average wear time is 4 weeks. Women who are very active or have an oily scalp will need a reapplication after 3 weeks. Women who are less active and have normal to dry hair can go up to 6 weeks before they need a reapplication.

How do you pull your hair through? How often do you have to pull your hair through?

The hair should be pulled through the holes in the enhancement daily with a rat tail comb. This process only takes a few minutes a day and helps keep the enhancement anchored.

Can I wash it like my regular hair?

Yes, however, it should be done gently and with the recommended shampoo and conditioners only. Using other
unknown products can cause damage to your hair enhancement and shorten the life of the hair.

Will it look like my real hair?

Yes, in time it will look and feel like your own hair, although there is always an adjustment period when you are getting used to having hair you did not have before. The adjustment period will normally take around 2 weeks.

How do I style my new hair?

The hair enhancement can be blow-dried and flat ironed just like normal. However, if you are not used to styling your hair, you may experience some difficulties. If so, schedule time with your stylist to learn some new techniques that will help you create your look you are striving for.

How do I wash it?

Shampoo gently in a downward motion. Do not use extremely hot or cold water. Make sure to always rinse thoroughly. When applying conditioner, always apply only to the ends and do not allow the conditioner to get on the roots of the enhancement. This will soften the knots and shorten the life of your enhancement.

Can I brush my piece like my regular hair?

Yes, you can brush your hair, but you will need to use the recommended brushes to ensure your hair stays in the
best possible condition.

Can a stylist color my hair? Can I color my hair?

Color services are never recommended while your hair is attached to the head. Our recommendation is that your natural hair always be colored while the enhancement is off. Color services on the enhancement should always be done by the hair replacement studio that applied your hair.

Will the application hurt?

In most cases, there is no pain associated with the application. However, some people have a tender head and may experience some tightness during the first couple of days after attachment.

Will my head get hot from having the piece on?

The hair enhancement has ventilated pieces of hair, which allows heat to escape from the holes in the base.

Is the hair human?

Yes, we only use 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair.

What will happen if the Piece comes off or becomes loose?

As long as you follow the proper care for the hair enhancement, the chances of it coming off are extremely unlikely. However, if you are experiencing problems, contact your technician immediately so they can rectify the situation.

Can I work out while having the piece on?

Yes, with your hair enhancement you won’t have to worry about having to make any lifestyle changes. However, while working out we recommend securing the hair in a ponytail or braid so that it does not get saturated in sweat.

What will happen if I sweat?

Sweat can cause tangling if the hair is not properly brushed with a detangling brush after you’ve completed your workout. If sweat does get on your hair just thoroughly wash it as soon as possible and blow dry.

Can someone touch my head?

Yes, even if someone touches the top of your head they most likely will not be able to detect it.

How do I know how it is going to look prior to the application?

There is no way to truly know what you are going to look like with more hair until the service is complete. Your stylist will work with you to help achieve the desired look.

Can I use curling irons or blow dryers on the enhancement?

Yes, absolutely. Please ensure that you are using Heat Treat and Shine to protect your investment and to prevent heat damage.

Can I use my own products on the hairpiece?

We only guarantee our hair when the recommended products are used.

Can I apply the piece myself?

This attachment does require a certified easihair professional to apply.

How is the piece applied?

Our attachment is a new revolutionary way of applying hair. It requires no cutting or shaving of the natural hair, like many conventional methods. It is a safe and long-lasting tape in method that is easy to attach and remove.

How often will I need to come in for maintenance?

4-6 Weeks is the average time frame depending upon your client’s lifestyle.

How does the hair stay on?

A patented tape in method keeps the hair in place.

What are the different application methods?

The most common way is to attach hair with bonding glues that would require the natural hair to be cut down
or shaven.

Will the piece damage my hair or cause hair loss?

As long as you have a healthy scalp, this process does not cause any additional hair loss. However, there is always a risk associated with any type of additional hair attachment. A thorough consultation should be conducted to determine if your client is an ideal client.

Will my hair still grow underneath?

Yes, your hair will continue to grow underneath the enhancement, which is the reason for the reapplication
after 4-6 weeks.

Will my scalp itch?

Any itching is usually associated with the scalp not being clean. Recommend a more thorough rinsing after
shampooing, to remove any leftover residue.

Will my scalp smell?

Only if the hair and scalp are not getting clean when shampooing or you are not shampooing often enough.

Can I swim in the pool or ocean?

We don’t recommend it, however, if you choose to, you can wet the hair down with fresh water and condition
the ends. Then pull the hair into a ponytail. Salt and Chlorine can reduce the life of your additional hair if you
do not take these necessary steps.

Can I play sports while wearing the hairpiece?


Do I have to shave my own hair or cut my own hair in order to wear the piece?

No, with this process all of your own hair is preserved.

What will happen when my hair grows longer than the actual hairpiece?

You will get a haircut or shaping during your reattachment service when needed

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