10 Commandments for a Successful Application

10 Commandments for a Successful Application

Although it may seem necessary, hair extension application is a not a course that is taught in cosmetology school. Stylists must venture out on their own to learn the trade. If you’re new to hair extensions, it can be misleading on which products are best for your clients, as there are many companies offering low-quality products with a high price tag. Some brands don’t even require education to purchase their product.

Applying a semi-permanent method of hair extensions, especially tape in extensions, requires practice and attention to detail. We require all stylists to be certified with easihair pro tape in extensions because we want to ensure each of our professionals are successful with our product and clients maintain healthy hair.

Below we’ve listed the commandments that are necessary for a successful application of easihair pro tape in extensions.

10 Commandments for Successful Hair Extension Application

  1. Make sure that you have properly consulted with your client for the desired outcome of application.
  2. Hair must be cleansed with easihair pro’s Clarifying Shampoo or other recommended shampoo to ensure your hair is free from all products. Do not apply any conditioner as this may affect the way the panel adheres to the hair.
  3. Clean sectioning is a MUST. Stray hairs are your enemy. Clean sectioning will ensure you avoid any breakage and discomfort for your client.
  4. Always refer to your application diagrams. Placement is a critical factor to success.
  5. easiBoost is an essential component if the hair does not contain pre-boosted tape. “Less is more” when it comes to using easiBoost. Too much can cause the panel to move around, which causes the hair between the panels to tangle over time.
  6. Always place tape in extension two finger width (approx. 1 ¼”) from the hairline.
  7. While applying, line the extensions up correctly to prevent the extension from slipping. An easy way to check your work is to pinch the panels. If you feel any “stickiness” more than likely, you are feeling the exposed tape or easiBoost. Ideally, you want to feel the tops of the panels all the way across without feeling any sticky residue.
  8. Do not shower for 48 hours after application to give the extensions time to “cure.”
  9. When removing easihair pro tape in extensions, keep track of your placement for an easier reapplication. You can use numbered clips which coincide with your application diagram to ensure that you put all the panels back in the correct order.
  10. Remove the panels with easiFix, which is an alcohol-based remover. easiRemove is oil-based and should only be used if there is any residue on the natural hair after removal

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