3 Top Uses of Our Tape In Hair Extensions

3 Top Uses of Our Tape In Hair Extensions

Brunette With Hair Extensions In Pony Tail

Brunette With Hair Extensions In Pony Tail

There are so many great uses for tape in hair extensions. Our extensions have been used for everything from the runway to everyday use. Our extensions are a great solution for any woman and for any occasion. Some of the top stylists have some great yet common uses of using our hair extensions in their salons.

3 Top Uses Stylists Have for Our Tape In Hair Extensions

Take a look at some of the most popular uses that stylists have for our tape in extensions.

1. Everyday Volume and Length

Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, women’s hair can begin to thin. Whether it is due to heredity, alopecia, diet, or stress, hair extensions can help. They can add additional volume to their hair to give it a much fuller, thicker look. Even if your clients’ hair isn’t exactly thinning but it does lack volume and vitality, extensions can add a dramatic boost to your clients’ hair to give them the thickness and volume they want. Since our extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, your clients can style their extensions the same way they would style their own hair. Also, unlike other hair extension systems, our tape in hair extensions do not damage your clients’ hair follicles or natural hair.

Note: We only recommend tape in extensions to client’s who have experienced hair loss in the past and are not currently experiencing it.

2. Special Occasions

For special occasions, many of your clients may want intricate updos or big sexy hair. These hairstyles may not be possible with their natural hair because it is lacking in volume or length. Many stylists have found that our tape in hair extensions are a great solution for helping their clients achieve the look that they want. Since our tape in extensions are so easy to style. You will be able to create any look that they may want. If they would like a less permanent solution, we also offer clip in hair extensions for event hair.

3. Runway Shows and Photo Shoots

Whenever you are doing a runway show or photo shoot, the designer, photographer, and creative director likely have an exact vision in mind for the models’ hairstyles. To get the look, you should be using the highest quality hair extensions. For the past few years, our extensions have been some of the primary hair extensions used in New York Fashion Week. Also, some of the top hair artists in the fashion industry have used our extensions for their editorial work.

Bring Tape In Hair Extensions to Your Salon

There are so many great reasons why tape in hair extensions are the best hair solution for women that want thicker, longer hair or want certain a look for a particular event. We have the highest quality tape in hair extensions available to salon professionals. It is a very simple process to become certified to use and style our hair extensions. You can even learn how to apply them into your clients’ hair through our online courses. Hair extensions are a great way to expand your salon services and boost the profitability of your business.

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