4 Unexpected Uses for Tape-in Hair Extensions

4 Unexpected Uses for Tape-in Hair Extensions

Woman Wearing Tape In Hair Extension In A Unique Way

Woman Wearing Tape In Hair Extension In A Unique WayWe all know tape-in hair extensions (and hair extensions in general) are great for adding length to your hair. After all, that’s what they were designed for! But these removable hair pieces are actually way more versatile than you might think. In addition to giving you long, luxurious strands at a moment’s notice, tape-in hair extensions can be used for these 4 purposes.

Unique Ways to Use Tape-in Hair Extensions

1. Adding Extra Volume to Your Hair

If your hair is relatively thin, you may not be able to wear the hairstyles you see on social media, magazines, or wherever else you get inspiration from. Even some simple hairstyles require a lot of hair in order to stay in place or to make the statement you’re going for.

Adding tape-in hair extensions can give you the freedom to wear nearly any hairstyle that you may not have been able to wear otherwise. And even if you’re not going for an intricate style, the extra volume can look just as great while you’re wearing your hair down.

2. Hiding an Unflattering Haircut

We’ve all had it happen. You convince yourself that, this time, the bob cut is a good idea. Or you copy the haircut of your favorite celebrity. Or maybe you’re really happy with a haircut when you leave the salon, but after a few days, you’re wishing you hadn’t chopped off those extra few inches.

When this happens, typically, you just have to grin and bear it. Or so you thought. Tape-in hair extensions can help you hide a haircut that you’re not entirely happy with. They’ll allow you to seamlessly blend the extensions with your natural hair—so you can forget all about the haircut that was giving you stress.

3. Easing the Transition from Short to Long Hair

Short hair can be really great until you decide it’s time to grow it out. You get stuck in a style rut with your hair in that awkward length that makes you contemplate chopping it all off once again. It’s too long for the styles you used to wear, and it’s not quite long enough to throw it up and get it out of your way. So, what can you do?

Once your hair gets to that dreaded awkward length, you can ease the transition to your desired length by wearing tape-in hair extensions. You’ll get to enjoy the freedom and glamor of long hair without having to wait until your natural hair grows out.

4. Changing up Your Color

Ombré hair is one of the hottest color trends that seems to be here to stay. Let’s say you want to try it out, but you’re not ready for a commitment. By wearing tape-in hair extensions, you can wear the ombré look without any damage to your natural hair through the lightening process.

Depending on your current hair color and length and your desired look, you can create a color melt in one or two steps. The easiest way would be to choose a set of tape-in hair extensions in a color a couple shades lighter than your current hair and blend the strands together. The other way would be to choose hair extensions that match your natural hair and have your stylist lighten the ends to achieve your goal look.

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