5 Occasions to Wear Tape-in Hair Extensions

5 Occasions to Wear Tape-in Hair Extensions

Woman Wearing Tape In Hair Extensions For A Wedding

Woman Wearing Tape In Hair Extensions For A WeddingComplete Any Special Occasion Outfit with Tape-in Hair Extensions

If you’re like us, you love an excuse to get dressed up and look your best. And with the holidays in full swing, there are plenty of excuses coming up (looking at you, New Year’s Eve!). Of course, that’s not to say you can’t get dressed up and look your best at any other time during the year.

When you’re planning out your look for a special occasion, you’ll pick an outfit and shoes—but you’ll also need a hairstyle to pull the look together. Here are 5 of our favorite excuses to get dresses up, along with some hairstyle ideas for each one.

1. Prom, Homecoming, a Formal, etc…

What girl doesn’t want to look and feel like a princess when given the chance? Prom, homecoming, and other similar events only come around every once in a while, and then they’re gone. So, make the most of them with your dream outfit and hairstyle. With tape-in hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions, you can get the volume and length needed to make any hairstyle possible. Whether it’s a trendy updo or something straight and sleek, our hair extensions give you the flexibility you need.

2. Your Birthday Party

Is this the year you’re planning a big celebration with all of your friends and family? Do you just enjoy celebrating every birthday as big as possible? Planning a more low-key get together but still want to look your best in photos? Try out some tape-in or clip-in hair extensions to create the perfect birthday look. From long, romantic waves to a braided bun, the possibilities are endless.

3. A New Year’s Eve Party

With sparkles and glasses of champagne galore, New Year’s Eve is filled with glitz and glamor. What better occasion to bust out your most attention-grabbing outfit and a gorgeous hairstyle to go with it? For even more fun, try clip-in hair extensions in a bright color like purple or green!

4. Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you want to look your very best for the ceremony, reception, and many pictures to be taken on your special day. Your hairstyle for the day is going to add a special touch to your look. But maybe your hair isn’t as long or as thick as you’d like it to be. This can make it difficult to achieve the exact style you’re going for. With the help of tape-in hair extensions, you can style your hair exactly how you want it to look—which is a decision you’ll thank yourself for, for years to come.

5. Literally Any Other Time You Want

You don’t have to wait for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to try out a new hairstyle. Try out a new hair color, a new hair length, or a new amount of volume with no risks when using our clip-in or tape-in hair extensions. You’ll love the extra glam and flexibility added to your hair styling routine with our hair extensions.