5 Reasons Tape In Extensions Need to Be Part of Your Services

5 Reasons Tape In Extensions Need to Be Part of Your Services

Styling Hair Extensions In Hair Salon

Styling Hair Extensions In Hair Salon

Many hairstylists can be a bit skeptical about our tape in hair extensions, wondering why they should offer them in their salon. Hair extensions are a great way to boost revenue in your salon because they are becoming a highly desired beauty service.

5 Top Reasons to Bring Tape In Hair Extensions to Your Salon

Take a look at some of the top reasons why you should be bringing a tape in hair extension service into your salon.

1. Easy to Apply Hair Extensions

It is so simple to apply our tape in extensions into your clients’ hair. Our certification courses are easy to go through and they show how easy it is to apply our hair extensions into your clients’ hair. They are much easier to apply than other types of permanent hair solutions.

2. Give Your Clients a Confidence Boost

When women are struggling with thinning or lifeless hair, it can be really hard on their self-confidence. Offering tape in hair extensions can help renew the life, length, and volume into your client’s hair to help them feel more beautiful and give them a boost to their confidence.

3. Tape In Extensions are Increasingly Popular

Many women are choosing tape in hair extensions over other types of extensions such as micro beads or sew in which offer semi-permanent hair solutions, but they are also bulky and can damage your clients’ natural hair. Tape in extensions are also low maintenance as well as easy to style with.

4. Boost Special Occasions Styles

Whenever you are styling for special occasions, it is practically a necessity to use hair extensions. Even if they don’t have a problem with thinning hair, most women don’t have the volume or length to create the big sexy style or intricate updo they want. In order to get the full, beautiful look that they want. Tape in hair extensions are practically a necessity for wedding hairstyles.

5. Expanding Your Business

If you are not offering tape in extensions in your salon, it’s likely that there is a salon across town that is offering them. Unfortunately, if you don’t offer tape in hair extensions, your clients may leave you and head over to the other salon to get them. If you offer tape in hair extensions at your salon, not only will you retain your clients looking for tape in extensions, but you may also get clients from other salons.

Our Beautiful Tape in Hair Extensions

Our salon quality hair extensions are the perfect solution for any woman’s hair. Since they are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, they can be styled and treated just as you would style and treat their natural hair. This makes them a great solution because they are easy for your clients to style and maintain them. Our certification process for license cosmetologist is very simple and could be completed on line. Get certified today to begin offering our beautiful tape in hair extensions and hair pieces at your salon.

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