Best Extensions for Short Hair | Tape in Extensions

Best Extensions for Short Hair | Tape in Extensions

Tape in Extensions are Good for Short Hair

If you have short hair, then you understand the struggle of finding any solution to make your hair long and healthy. From vitamins to serums, it seems there are endless options available. However, with these options, you have to be patient and wait anywhere from six months to a year to start seeing results. Nobody wants to wait that long.

Lucky for you, there is a solution that can instantly make your hair longer, without the hassle of gimmicks. easiLengths tape in extensions is the best hair extensions solution for short hair. The application only takes 60 minutes or less, which means you can have the long, luscious locks you’ve always dreamed about.

A quick application time means less time spent in the stylist’s chair and more time to go about your day. A strand by strand method can take about 6-8 hours and even end up costing twice as much as tape in extensions. easiLengths tape in extensions are seamless and lay very flat on the head. When you have thin, fine hair, the last thing you need is visible bulky wefts or micro-links.

When you are looking to add a significant amount of length to short hair, you need to add natural layers to the hair. Otherwise, the added length will look very unnatural. easiLengths are available in three lengths; 12”, 16” and 20”. By mixing various lengths, you can create these layers without having to cut the extensions. Other hair extension methods and brands may not give you the option to choose different lengths, which means some of the hair that you just invested your hard earned money in will go to waste!

A full-length application requires about 3-4 boxes, depending on the thickness of your hair. The application does not use any tools or messy bonding agents, which means damage to your hair is the least of your worries. While using our extensions, your hair will remain healthy and continue to grow with your extensions. You may be surprised at your next reapplication to find that your hair is longer than ever before!

You no longer need to regret cutting your hair or wait months or even years to have the desired length of hair. Tape in extensions can give you instant satisfaction and confidence that you may never have even known that you had!

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