Built-in Booster Tape – FAQs

Built-in Booster Tape – FAQs

Great news! easihair pro has created a way for you to save up to 25% of your time! We have successfully combined our easiBoost & easitape to create the world’s best tape for 100% human hair tape-in hair extensions; we call it “Built-in Booster Tape.”

What does this mean to you? This means less time spent on applications and more money in your pocket! This tape is new so Built-in Booster tape is currently only available in select colors.

Please note, if you choose to use easiBoost with the Built-in Booster tape, there will be too much adhesive and residue left on the client’s hair and add additional time to the removal process.


Is the Built-in Booster tape available with all colors?

The Built-in Booster tape is currently only available in a limited amount of colors. Additional colors will be available to you as we release them to our shelves to be sold.

How will I know if I’m receiving a box of hair with this new tape?

A label will be on the front of every box that contains hair with Built-in Booster tape. Additionally, you may reference your warranty tag and note that any PO# with “412” or greater will contain the Built-in Booster tape.

Can I request hair with the Built-in Booster tape?

The hair is currently not available in all colors and will ONLY be made available as it is released.

Can I panel hair with original tape with hair with the Built-in Booster tape?

Yes, only use easiBoost on the hair that contains original tape.

Can I exchange hair with original tape for hair with the Built-in Booster tape?

Exchanges will not be issued.

Is this Built-in Booster tape available in reapplication tape? When will it be available to purchase?

2” and 4”. 2” is available to purchase and the 4” will be available soon.

How many strips of Built-in Booster tape come in one pack of reapplication tape?

56 strips/pack (enough for 4 boxes + 8 additional strips).

Can the Built-in Booster tape be used for a reapplication on old wefts?


Will easihair pro continue to carry the original 2’’ and 4’’ tape?


What happens if I use easiBoost with the Built-in Booster tape?

Using easiBoost with the new tape will not cause damage. However, it will add additional time to the removal process as well as create more residue in the client’s hair.

Is application any different?

Aside from saving you additional time by removing an entire step, the application process remains the same, just minus the use of easiBoost

If I use multiple boxes in my client’s hair, some with original tape and some with Built-in Booster tape, when I do a reapplication, how will I know which panel contains easiBoost and which one does not?

This will not affect your reapplication as you can choose which tape (original or Built-in Booster) to use for the reapplication.

Does the Built-in Booster tape leave less residue?

Yes. Also, after the panels have been removed, we suggest to not spray easiFix on the panel before reapplication.

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