Caring for Your easiLengths

Caring for Your easiLengths

Using the right products as well as taking proper care of your extensions will ensure to prolong the life of your easiLengths 100% Remy Human Hair Tape-in Extensions. Your hair will look just as fresh and amazing as when you first stepped out of the salon with these great tips!

Brush your hair three times a day using the easihair pro Loop Brush. Brushing before you shower is also important to help with detangling. After you shower take the easihair pro Wet & Dry Detangling Brush to detangle the ends. Then take the Loop Brush again to detangle the roots and nape area.

Make sure to use sulfate-free and non-hydrating shampoos. Key words to look for on product bottles are moisturizing, hydrating, sleek, intensive therapy, etc. easihair pro Hair Extension Shampoo is great because it was specially formulated for our extensions and helps protect against slipping and fading! As far as conditioner, make sure to use only from the midshaft down. Always apply product in a downward motion and never twist and/or matte your hair.

easihair pro Leave-in Conditioner and Heat Treat + Shine are two very important products to have in your regimen when caring for your easiLengths. Cocktail the Leave-in and Heat Treat + Shine when you get out of the shower and apply from the nape down.

Going to bed with wet hair is a big no-no whether you have extensions or not. Dry your hair before going to bed or sleep in a braid or loose ponytail. Putting your hair up will help keep your hair from tangling or matting as you toss and turn in your sleep. Also, sleeping with a silk pillow will help fight frizz.

Always consult your hairstylist with issues concerning your hair color or any other chemical services. You can deposit color on all of our extensions, as well as lift three of them. However, never attempt to color the extensions yourself as you could damage the quality of the hair as well as the tape.

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