Cheap Tape In Hair Extensions Are Not Worth the Cost

Cheap Tape In Hair Extensions Are Not Worth the Cost

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We know that you’re thinking that the title really doesn’t make sense, but the statement is true. Cheap tape in hair extensions really are not worth the cost. They are not a cost effective option for your clients. Your clients will be tired of paying through the nose for their hair extensions and may look for another hair solution.

Why Cheaper Tape in Hair Extensions are Actually More Expensive

Many stylists are tempted to offer their clients less expensive hair extensions, because they think that the cheaper prices will be more attractive to their clients. However, over time, these extensions are actually much more expensive and not worth the cost. The more expensive tape in hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, which makes them a worthwhile product.

Cheaper Tape In Hair Extensions Do Not Last As Long

easihair pro tape in hair extensions are designed to last about 6 months or longer, depending on how well your clients’ take care of the hair. Most of the cheaper brands of extensions will last about 2 months. So, often times with cheaper hair extensions, you clients will altogether be paying either the same or maybe even more because they need to buy new extensions every time the extensions are applied. So your clients will be paying the same or more for a product that doesn’t look as nice in their hair.

Cheaper Tape In Hair Extensions Will Not Look as Nice

Hair extensions that are cheaper often have undergone a manufacturing method where the hairs’ cuticles are stripped in an acid bath and then the hairs are coated with a thick silicone finish. Originally, the hair looks shiny, soft, and silky, but after a few washes, it begins to look dull and matted. The overall effect of the hair extensions is lost when the extensions do not look nice and they are practically worthless.

Expensive Hair Extensions are Worth the Investment

Since your clients are paying so much for their hair extensions, it’s worthwhile to make sure that they are extending the life of their extensions with the right hair care products. Our hair care products are made specifically for our hair extensions to ensure that the extensions look as nice as possible for as long as possible. Make sure that you teach your clients how to protect their investment by teaching them tips to maintain their extensions and helping them choose the right products for their hair.

Creating Successful Salons with Quality Tape In Hair Extensions

Your clients will love the way that their hair looks and feels with quality hair extensions applied into their hair. We place a high level of importance on teaching salon professionals how to properly use our hair extensions and they can grow their business with hair extension services. Our courses can be completed at your own convenience through our online classes. Take a look at all of the classes and resources that we have available for the salons that we partner with.

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