How To Choose The Best Hair Extension Company For You!

How To Choose The Best Hair Extension Company For You!

Clients continually tell the easihair professional team that before finding easihair pro and easiLengths how difficult it has been to find a reputable hair extension company. They tell us that they’ve tried every kind of hair extensions, from strand by strand to tape-in extensions to clip-in hair extensions and have worked with so many different hair extension companies that they were almost ready to quit doing hair extensions all together due to:

  1. Poor or inconsistent quality
  2. High back ordered blondes
  3. Bad customer service

This drove me to publish a guide on how do to effectively evaluate a hair extension manufacturer and determine whether or not the company’s product performance and customer service matches their promises. It’s easy to promise, however consistent performance is an entirely different proposition.

So how do you, as a busy salon professional, navigate your way through the 100’s of companies out there and their promises?

It starts with doing your homework and uncovering the pros and cons of offering the various semi-permanent systems and how they compare. You need to consider strand by strand bonded and micro link systems to tape-in and sew- in extensions and determine the following:

  1. Whether the company is interested in educating you and the industry or just interested in selling hair and making money. A relatively quick way to do this is to look for videos and blogs on their website that have valuable, transparent information and inquire about their certification process.
  2. Look for a specialist who is an expert in the extensions system that you want to introduce to your clients. The old adage, jack of all trades master of none is no different for hair extensions.
  3. Seek out an experienced company. The longer they’ve been in business the better.
  4. 4. Know what to look for when evaluating hair quality. Some characteristics of high quality 100% Remy Human Hair are:
  1. Cuticle-intact Remy Hair
  2. No silicones or coatings
  3. Large selection of vibrant, blended colors
  4. Great selection of blonde colors

Be aware that silicone is the most common way companies use to mask over-processed hair. If the hair feels coated when you touch it but leaves no residue on your hands, this is a good indication that the hair is coated in silicone. As that silicone washes away the hair will become dry and tangle easily.

Avoid buying through distribution any time there is a middle man. In a commoditized market the same quality means double the price and if it’s not double the price you can be assured you’re getting at least half the quality. Human Hair is not like inexpensive machine-made wet and color lines; it is a commodity traded like diamonds and gold. It’s important to understand the economics of the industry. Distributors have the same business model hair extension manufacturers do; they have sales, customer service, administration and shipping and receiving departments, and they need to make the same markup that hair extension companies do. Hair is a natural resource that is subject to the supply and demand. Global selling prices are fairly fixed with very little fluctuation because the growing demand and fixed supply means that hair collectors can sell 100% of their stocks almost instantly with no need to discount.

In summary, our customers who have in the past:

  1. Short cut their education
  2. Didn’t do their research on the hair extension supplier or the type of system that would work best for them and their clients
  3. Ignored the economics of the natural resource and bought through a distributor because of convenience or loyalty
  4. Ignored or didn’t know the indicators of poor quality hair and who didn’t in fact check the promises made by the companies wanting their business

All had ONE thing in common… they had limited success and many jeopardized their reputation. You can earn a significant amount of money and create loyal clients for life using hair extensions, but keep in mind there are no shortcuts to success. We invite you to join easihair pro where we want to earn your business and believe your business is not a right but a privilege earned one order at a time!

Even if you don’t purchase our cuticle-intact 100% Remy Human Hair Tape-in Extensions, use us an informational resource, because we come from a mentality of abundance and not scarcity. We believe what’s good for the industry is good for us, as all boats in the harbor rise with the tide.

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