Client Consultation | Why Is it so Important

Client Consultation | Why Is it so Important

A proper client consultation is a key to ensuring your success and your client’s happiness. When working with a first-time hair extension client, set the proper expectations by getting to know their hair type and lifestyle to ensure they are a good candidate for extensions.

During a consultation, it’s very important to determine if your client’s hair is healthy enough for an easiLengths application. If your client is experiencing female hair loss or breakage, then they may not be a good candidate for extensions. The cause of hair loss is sometimes unknown; however, common causes include hormonal changes, medications, and poor diet and nutritional deficiencies. If your client is experiencing moderate to severe hair loss and is unsure as to why, recommend they get checked out by their doctor to see if there are underlying reasons causing their hair loss.

If your client is a good candidate for extensions, we recommend that you use the client consultation form as a guideline for creating a waiver before the first appointment. Include questions regarding health and hair history, and especially ask questions about any allergies they may have.

Here are examples of questions to include on your waiver:

  1. Are you currently taking any prescribed medications?
  2. Are you taking any vitamins or hormones?
  3. Have you experienced any breakage, thinning areas, or bald spots?
  4. Have you ever had an adverse reaction to products or treatments used on your skin or scalp?

You can also include general questions, such as hair extension history, hair type, and goals they would like to achieve with hair extensions. Once the client signs the waiver, schedule the first appointment. This agreement will protect you as a stylist as well as your client.

First-time client consultations are important for making a good first impression. Take the time to get to know your clients on a personal level and you will be rewarded with many loyal clients.

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