Common Reasons Women Need Tape In Extensions

Common Reasons Women Need Tape In Extensions

Girl Happy After Applying Hair Extensions

Girl Happy After Applying Hair Extensions

Many salons don’t even realize how many women want extensions. There are many reasons why a woman would be interested in putting extensions in their hair. Tape in hair extensions are the best option for any woman looking to add volume and length to their hair. They have many benefits that make them a great option for any woman who wants extensions in their hair.

Common Reasons Why Women Want Tape In Hair Extensions

Take a look at our list of the most common reasons why women are interested in getting extensions in their hair. Tape in hair extensions can help you grow your business and help your clients improve their hair.

1. Naturally Thin Hair

Sometimes women seriously struggle with thin hair. Because of this, hair just won’t have the volume that they want. The hair can look limp, lifeless and dull. While the hair itself is not unhealthy, it just may not have the body that your client is looking for. Tape in hair extensions can give your clients’ hair additional volume and give them the thick hair that they want.

2. Hair Loss

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why your clients may be seeing hair loss. It could be due to heredity, stress, alopecia, change in diet, or chemotherapy. Unlike other types of hair extensions, tape in hair extensions are not as harsh on women’s natural hair, so they are a good solution to replace any hair that has been lost without damaging their hair or pulling on their hair follicles.

Note: We only recommend tape in extensions to clients who have experienced hair loss and are not currently experiencing it.

3. Additional Beauty Boost

Hair extensions give women an additional beauty boost even if their hair is thick. Maybe they want additional length or add some color with some clip in extensions. Hair extensions can help any woman achieve thick, full, and long hair that they may not be able to get with their natural hair.

4. Special Occasion Hair

Almost any formal hairstyle isn’t possible without extensions adding some volume and length to the hair. Hair extensions make your clients’ hair more versatile for you to work with and create the impressive look that they want for any special occasion. If they are installing the hair extensions primarily for a certain hairstyle, you may need to apply the tape in extensions in a way so that the extensions work with the hairstyle

Helping Your Clients With Tape In Hair Extensions

There are so many reasons why women would want to have tape in hair extensions. Since our extensions have been made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair they are easy for your clients to style with and take care of. Just make sure that your clients know how to properly maintain them. Not only are our extensions easy for your clients to use, but they are also easy for licensed cosmetologists to learn how to apply. We offer our certification courses online so that you can learn how to apply our extensions anywhere. We also offer live courses as well. There are so many benefits to our salon quality extensions

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