Conversation Starters for Potential Hair Extension Clients

Conversation Starters for Potential Hair Extension Clients

hair we love february 26th - march 4th 2018

Have you ever had trouble bringing up the conversation about hair extensions to your client? You know they need them, you know they would love them, so here are 3 easy tips to make the conversation happen.

Fact: The #1 researched topic related to hair is how to achieve and sustain more volume.

Tip 1: Change your language! Instead of using the common word “hair extension,” start by saying you can “add hair” to their current look. A few negative connotations associated with certain types of hair extensions are that they are damaging, expensive and for length only! When you tell your client that you can ADD hair to add “fullness” and “volume” they will be much more interested in learning more and understand the benefit of the service.

Fact: The easiest way to give your client what they want is by doing a pre/post consultation every 6-8 weeks.

Tip 2: Listen for the Buzz words from your client, for example:

  • “I want to grow my hair out.” Adding hair can offer immediate gratification
  • “I’m tired of my fine hair.”
  • “My hair won’t grow near the front of my hair line.”
  • “I’m considering some lowlights or highlights but am afraid to make the change.” Use the extensions as a tool to help make the transition.
  • “I’m going through a divorce or I’m getting married.” These are two stages where people are always looking for some kind of change.

Fact: Seeing is believing.

Tip 3: Take a panel of hair and actually show the client. Tuck or bobby pin it in the side of their hair and let them see the difference.

As professionals, it’s our job to educate the client that “adding hair” is now a safe, affordable and fun solution for them!

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