Dealing with Damaged Hair Extensions: Professional Remedies

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It’s inevitable that you will have a client that will test the very limits of what easilengths tape extensions can do. No matter how much education you give her on how to care for her hair extensions there will be a time when she comes back in and needs some intense hair therapy.

Most of my clients are pretty good about admitting when troubled hair extensions are there fault. Every now and again I will get someone who drops the word “defective”. The reality is that easilengths is such a great product that this is almost never the case.

What can you do to breathe life back into her easilengths?

It’s wonderful that easihair pro stands behind the quality of their hair. I like having that insurance, however, the reality is that I am going to have to remove, replace, and then send off to easihair pro.

This takes time and we all know that time is money.

I decided to do some testing on some solutions that will help restore life back to damaged hair extensions. I started with a couple boxes of easilengths that had been used and abused. These easilengths panels were ready to say goodbye for good.

Treatment #1: Deep Conditioner with a Clear Coat

  1. Wash your client’s easilengths with easihair pro’s new shampoo. This will get all of the junk off and got the panels ready for the conditioning treatment.
  2. I used Pureology’s hydrating conditioner on the panels and let set for about 90 seconds. I thoroughly rinsed the conditioner out.
  3. Put about 2-3oz of Sebastian’s Clear Ammonia Free Cellophane Color Glaze into a bowl. I added a drop of the Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil into the Cellophane mixture. (Be VERY CAREFUL! The Bumble Oil is very very concentrated.)
  4. Towel dry your clients hair and then apply the Cellophane mixture. (If you are doing this treatment on your client’s head please keep it away from the attachment!)
  5. Let process for about 20-30 minutes.
  6. Thoroughly rinse the hair. Do not shampoo.
  7. Lightly towel dry and powder dry the roots.
  8. Spray a little bit of easihair pro’s Leave in Conditioner onto the ends.
  9. You can use a light volumizing foam on the roots and maybe a light hair product on the rest of the hair.

This treatment will make almost any clients easilengths feel like a million dollars. The Cellophane treatment will last about 2-3 weeks.

Treatment #2: Keratin Treatment

Keratin? On hair extensions? Yep! I heard about this little trick from a hairdresser friend of mine. I was a little skeptical about this… Although, it did kind of make sense that it would help restore the life back into damaged hair extensions.

I would recommend only doing this treatment off of your clients head. Do not apply on the head. As you know keratin is very slippery and will cause your clients easilengths to slide out. In addition your client may not want to have keratin on her hair!

I used a formula by Coppola. I followed the manufacturer’s directions. I would recommend a keratin that doesn’t need a curing period… You will want to make sure that you can rinse out the keratin residue before you reapply.

I will say that this little trick really made a big difference. The easilengths panels didn’t feel new, however, it was very close. It made a huge difference in how the hair looked and felt.

This would be a great add on treatment for when your client comes back in for a reapp.

These treatments are meant to start a dialogue about things you can do to keep your clients easilengths tape extensions looking beautiful. It’s easy to misjudge what is going on with your clients hair until you have gone through a deep conditioning procedure.

Most times this will fix any problems your client is having. If either of these treatments do not resolve your issue, then it may be time for new hair.