Don’t Buy Hair Extensions Through Full Service Distribution

Don’t Buy Hair Extensions Through Full Service Distribution

I’ve often wondered why bonded strand by strand hair extensions are so expensive when compared to tape in extensions. I believe the answer is that the beauty industry was created to use full service distribution as a means of reaching the full service professional and their salons.

What this means to Salon Professionals is if you’re buying through a distributor or middleman you need to know that the cost automatically doubles and you’re paying twice what you would if you purchased direct. Manufacturers and distributors have the same business costs; they both have sales, administration, accounting, shipping and receiving and are in essence duplicate organization with duplicate costs structures. Double the costs means double the price to cover these costs.

For most wet lines this does not matter much because shampoos, conditioners etc. are inexpensive to make with a relatively low retail price. However, with human hair being a natural resource with a limited supply and high cost of raw material, doubling becomes harder to do without scaring away the end users. Therefore, if you’re buying your hair extensions through distribution and if your hair prices are not at least twice what easihair pro charges for it’s tape in extensions, then you can be assured that the hair is at least HALF THE QUALITY.

Why is this? Raw hair is a global commodity regardless of source with the global prices of hair being fairly consistent one raw hair seller to the next. The biggest fluctuation of hair depends on the type of quality you’re buying and whether the hair is virgin or non virgin and Remy or non-Remy. This is an oversimplified explanation to a Billion dollar industry with big players.

As a buyer of raw hair for over 15 years, I know that the only way hair extension manufacturers are able to sell through Full Service Distribution without significantly increasing price is to use a inferior raw product such as virgin or non virgin non-Remy hair.

This probably explains why Great Lengths and Hairdreams hair is so much more expensive than easihair pro; reason being is that they ARE sold through Distribution. Great Lengths is headquartered in Italy and Hair Dreams in Austria; the hair sold in the US are not sold through Full Service Distribution but through distribution nonetheless, which is why their same length and amount of hair costs twice as much as ours.

In summary, always purchase your hair extensions through companies that distribute their own products; if you don’t, then make sure you’re paying around twice the price or be prepared to settle for half the quality. This is not speculation, it is fact!

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