Earn More Money With Hair Extensions

Earn More Money With Hair Extensions

Recently I was talking to Randy Cox, top hairstylist/colorist in San Diego, who has spent 25+ years working for top manufacturers and behind the chair. Randy asked me a question that every stylist needs to consider:

“How can adding hair extensions to my existing business impact my potential earning.”

Take a look at the facts and decide for yourself. According to Consumer Reports, 1,000 women over the age of 18 were surveyed and found that 17% of women feel their hair is too thin or fine and only 60% of women are actually happy with their hair.

With 3.4 million women in the United States experiencing thin, fine hair, the market for hair extensions has more potential than ever. Hair extensions are not just for length, but also a solution for clients with thin, fine hair. Take the time to consult with your clients and educate those who may have never thought extensions were an option for them.

We surveyed salons who currently utilize easihair pro tape in extensions and found that 3 out of 5 salons indicated that over 60% of their projected revenue growth is forecasted to come from their growing hair extension category.

easiLengths by easihair pro can not only help you grow your business as a stylist, but build the confidence of your clientele. Another few key benefits to adding hair extensions to your services include:

  • Add 40% more volume in under 30 minutes.
  • Full length/volume application in one hour or less.
  • Healthiest way to add hair to thin, fine hair.
  • Add chemical-free color or highlights.

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