How to Eliminate the Fear of Cutting Hair Extensions

One of the first things that always come up when we do education for easilengths tape hair extensions is the fear of cutting and blending the hair extensions into the clients’ own natural hair. Let’s face it making an error can be a costly mistake.

One of the many things I love about working with easihair pro is that the team is always striving to make hair extensions easier. (hence the name) That is why I was intrigued when the owner, Paul Reynolds, came to me with the idea for a shear that eliminate the fear of cutting hair extensions.

His vision was soon realized and a name was given to some very unique shears. The Eliminator was born. When Paul told me what he had decided to call shears I was not sold on the name. When I said the name in my head I couldn’t help but hear Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice from the Terminator saying, “The Eliminator”.

It took me a minute to realize the beauty of the name. It stuck with me. After processing it I have come to really enjoy it. I like to think of these shears as a robot from the future that has come to kick some hair extension butt.

The beauty of these shears is it’s unique design. Let me break it down for you:

  • Each one of The Eliminator’s teeth has 3 serrated edges which allows for a softer edge unlike traditional texturizing shears.
  • Most traditional thinning shears have a reduction rate 30-50% The reduction rate is how much hair is removed with every cut you make.
  • The eliminator has a reduction rate of 10-15%
  • Doesn’t leave lines or choppy marks in the hair.
  • What that means for you is more room for creativity and less room for costly mistakes.

When compared to traditional texturizing shears, The Eliminator, clearly is a cut above. It really does something very different. This shear allows you to blend hair extensions into your clients’ hair with ease and truly without fear.

We are calling the layers that The Eliminator creates “Seamless Layers”. These shears create the same movement in hair extensions that the hair growing out of your head has. Many times extensions can look heavy and just don’t move the same way as your clients own hair.

The low reduction rate is key along with the uniquely shaped teeth. The Eliminator doesn’t leave lines in the hair and you can use it confidently because it will not remove too much hair. I like the creativity it allows. You can really spend some time creating the movement into your clients easilengths.

I just filmed the how to video and am in the process of editing it down. The more time I spend learning about The Eliminator the more I like it. I can’t lie, I was very happy when I got my very own pair of these shears. I have been rocking out some fantastic hair extensions the past couple weeks. They make my job faster and easier.

More info coming soon on how you can get your very own pair of The Eliminator – said just like Mr. Schwarzenegger.