Our Exceptional Educational Courses Help You Succeed!

Our Exceptional Educational Courses Help You Succeed!

While many people view easihair pro as a hair extension company, we consider ourselves to be educators of well-designed, consistent quality hair amplification systems. Today, it’s important for hairdressers to stay on top of their game since there is a whole lot of competition out there. This means that if you’re not offering your clients the most current services they want, they’ll most likely visit a hair salon near you that does. Essentially, by not offering your clients those services they’re interested in, you’ll be helping your direct competitors succeed while your chairs sit empty — which is not good business practice by any stretch of the imagination.

If you are not yet offering hair extensions, you have a lot of catching up to do. You may have good reason or even many reasons why you don’t offer hair extensions. Maybe you think it’s too difficult to learn, it costs too much or your clients are not interested in extensions. You might even think that extensions take too long or that they cause damage. In reality, all of these could be true if you don’t choose the correct hair extensions manufacturer, the correct type of extensions for your client and receive adequate education on application and removal. Tape in hair extensions really are changing the way hair is applied, are not difficult to learn and they don’t take long to do. Plus, extensions are affordable and people are very much interested in having thicker, healthier more voluminous hair. The team at easihair pro is 100% committed to helping stylists by making them hair care experts.

If you want to become more successful by attracting new clients into your salon, our educational courses can teach you how to do hair extensions and significantly increase your income by offering clients a service they may need. We offer our exceptional educational courses, online, on-site in salon or in-person at our corporate headquarters in San Diego, CA – the choice is yours.

About Our Courses

Application Removal & Reapplication of Tape in Extensions is a Level 1 Certification course is offered in two parts. If you have 6 or more technicians who want certification we can do an onsite training in your salon. If you aren’t ready for an onsite we also have a paint by numbers, affordable online education video tutorial which can be completed in 1 hour or less. Both courses covers a wide range of topics including: Human Hair Extensions: Past and Present, Consultation, Hair Damage and Product Care, Color Matching and Blending, Placement, Basic Cutting and Blending, Troubleshooting, Application, Removal and Reapplication, Hair Extension Care, Pricing for Success and Ordering & Returns.

Overcoming the Fear of Cutting and Blending Hair Extensions is a Level 2 Certification course that can be taken after you’ve successfully completed Level 1 Certification. The greatest fear stylists have when learning extensions is how to cut and blend the client’s hair with the extensions seamlessly. This course can be completed online in just 40 minutes. The content it covers is easihair pro’s introduction to “Basic Hair Extension Cutting and Blending” which provides you with a solid foundation for customizing a full-length application of easiLengths. This comprehensive tutorial covering 6 blending and cutting techniques will leave you feeling 100% confident that you are providing your clients with the great looks they’re after.

Top of the Head Solutions When Hair Extensions Won’t Work is a Level 3 Certification course that can be completed between 4 to 8 hours once you’ve successfully completed your Level 1 Certification. This course covers both event (temporary clip in) additions and a patented revolutionary lifestyle (semi-permanent) top of the head system. Topics covered in the class are: The business of hair additions, The Candidate, The Consultation, Color Matching and Blending, Placement, Hair Extension Incorporation, Basic Cutting and Blending, Tips Tricks and Shortcuts to Success; Troubleshooting, Application Removal Reapplication and Maintenance, Hairpiece Care, Pricing for Success and Ordering & Returns.

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