What to Expect with Tape-In Hair Extensions

What to Expect with Tape-In Hair Extensions

Girl With Styled Tape In Hair Extensions

Girl With Styled Tape In Hair ExtensionsAll Hair Extensions are not the Same

Tape-In Hair Extensions represent a new and interesting world of possibilities with hair extensions. Though they are usually quickly in and quickly out, tape-in hair extensions do not have quite the reputation or extraordinary ease of clip-in hair extensions, but they are growing in popularity, and have a variety of colors and thicknesses available. Tape-in hair extensions are best applied by trained professionals, as it is a delicate process.

The Process

It is strongly recommended that you seek the services of a hair care professional for your tape-in hair extensions. A professional will be able to let you know if you have any areas of concern in your own hair, and identify any potential skin sensitivity on your scalp, as well. As with any procedure involving the styling and manipulation of your hair, you should always make sure that your hair has been washed, conditioned, and dried. Your hair should be down, and the stylist will have plenty of clips. Whether you order your hair extensions directly from the company, or if your stylist gets them for you will depend on your stylist, but make sure to bring them if you ordered them yourself. Tape-in hair extensions are applied to the scalp at different places that hair is parted. After applying the adhesive, your stylist may use a blowdryer on low heat, or may opt to put you under a dryer to ensure that the extensions are installed securely.

The Styling

This step is up to you – depending on the length of your new hair extensions, and what you and your stylist think would look good on you, you can take the usual route of picking something out of a magazine, or you can get creative! With Tape-In Hair Extensions, you have the freedom to pick basically any style, and your extensions won’t show. Whether you’re feeling like a classy updo, a cascade of waves, or a loose, elegant braid, let your stylist make your dream look come true.

The Upkeep

This is probably the most challenging part of having hair extensions, and there are some considerations for you. Making sure that you comb your hair extensions regularly is essential to preventing tangles. Your tape-in hair Extensions are 100% human hair – they can be curled, colored, washed, and blow-dried. Since they are human hair, they are also vulnerable to the environmental and incidental factors that affect your natural hair, too. Washing your hair extensions in hard water can make them tangled and matted. Neglecting to condition your hair can make your hair and your hair extensions dry and dull. Long periods of wearing tight ponytails can cause hair loss and loosen your tape-in hair extensions after a little while. Treating your hair kindly with gentle treatment, soft water, and loose styles is the best way to take care of the hair that you grew, and the hair that you bought.

Removing Tape In Hair Extensions

The removal process for Tape-In Hair Extensions is short and sweet. You need an adhesive removing shampoo, and another wash with a product that is specifically made to dissolve any residue left by the tape. After a good wash with the products, and a deep condition, you’re free to schedule another appointment with your stylist for more tape-in hair extensions!