Your Extensions Are an Investment – Protect It!

Kate Hudson Elle UK 2009

easihair pro understands that your 100% Human Hair Extensions are an investment and we want to make sure that you prolong the life of your extensions to maximize your return on investment. Our amazing products are specially formulated for your extensions and will keep them looking as fresh as when you first stepped out of the salon.

  • easihair pro Daily Extension Shampoo: cleanses & restores natural shine, protects against panel slippage, increases overall manageability, & prolongs elasticity and vibrancy of color.
  • easihair pro Leave-in Conditioner: A lightweight hair repair product that leaves your hair feeling soft and silky by infusing vital nutrients to treat damaged hair.
  • easihair pro Heat Treat + Shine: A thermal protectant that strengthens and thickens your hair as well as smooths down frizzy or dried ends that are caused by your favorite hot tools.
  • easihair pro Loop Brush: This amazing brush has loop bristles which won’t snag or pull on your extensions when brushing your hair.
  • easihair pro Wet Hair Detangling Brush: Perfect for when you get out of the shower, this brush is meant for use mid-shaft down and won’t pull on your extensions or cause slippage.