Hair Extension Emergencies

Hair Extension Emergencies

Hair Extensions Need Love

When loving your new look with tape in or clip in hair extensions, make sure that you return the favor that they are doing for you – they take care of you, so make sure to take care of them! Your hair extensions actually need care, whether you’re in the mood to care for them, or not. They aren’t like some styles, where you can leave it alone for as long as you please. Hair extensions need their relatively low-key maintenance regularly, or you risk losing the great look.

Dull or Fading Extensions

When your extensions look okay, but not as bright and luminous as they did, they’ve faded. It’s not unusual for hair extensions to fade; in fact, it is going to eventually happen to your extensions over time. Don’t let this happen to your gorgeous hair extensions before their time, though. If you’re showering and washing your hair you may notice that the shower is making your hair dry and fading the color! Taking care of your hair extensions is as easy as just making sure that you’ve got a showerhead filtering the excessive minerals out of your water. Not only will this help to protect your hair extensions from fading, this will also help your skin to feel less dry. After you shampoo, always make sure that your comb conditioner through your hair, and rinse it out thoroughly.

Sticky or Tangled Extensions

Sometimes, your hair extensions look great but something is still a little wrong. If your hair extensions get tangled, you’re not alone! It happens sometimes – whether you skipped showering after the gym, or you’ve just got a nice, oily scalp, you’re going to have some sticky situations. To get un-stuck, stand with your head under the warm, running water. Skip the shampoo, and go with an astringent-but-moisturizing conditioner, like one that contains tea tree oil. Gently comb through with a wide-tooth comb, and your hair is good from there!

Loosening Extensions or Extensions Coming Out

Of all of the struggles that you will face as a wearer hair extensions, be assured that this one will cause you the most grief! Ask your salon professional to be absolutely sure, but when this happens, it generally means that you’re headed back to the salon for a fresh set of extensions. The best thing that you can do to prevent this from happening to you before their time is to be gentle with your extensions. Nurture them, use a mild shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Gently towel dry your extensions and don’t yank on them with combs and brushes while blow-drying. If your salon professional told you to come back if your hair extensions are coming out, they may just want to give you a touch-up, that way, you’re back to looking your best in a fraction of the time!