Hair Treatments for Dry Hair | Heat Treat + Shine

Heat Treat and Shine is one my favorite hair care products. It is a versatile treatment that helps extend the life of easilengths tape in hair extensions.

It is also great for anyone with long hair. It helps prevent damage and also can rehabilitate your stressed locks.

Here are my top 10 favorite things that Heat Treat and Shine does:

  1. Helps detangle hair.
  2. Decrease blow dry time by up to 30% – Seriously it really does.
  3. Protects hair from thermal damage. It’s must have for anyone addicted to a flat iron.
  4. Adds shine back to hair. This is the first thing to go when hair is damaged.
  5. Smell is always important to me when it comes to hair care.. Heat Treat and Shine does not disappoint.
  6. It is addicting.. once you use it you can’t go without it.
  7. It can be used on any hair type… It is super concentrated so for finer textures you won’t have to use very much at all.
  8. Helps tame frizzy fried hair.
  9. Puts the bounce and life back into thirsty parched hair.
  10. Use this after easihair pro’s Leave in Conditioner for the ultimate hair therapy. These two products combined will breath life back into your hair. It really is a miracle!

How to get Heat Treat and Shine?

  1. Demand it from your stylist! Tell them you want it!
  2. If you are a stylist then contact us directly.

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