How To Add Volume To Your Hair

How To Add Volume To Your Hair

Have you ever seen a photo and thought “How can I get the same volume that her hair has?” You’re in luck! Here are some expert tips on how to make your hair more voluminous:

Add Volume To Your Hair

1. Start At Your Root

The trick to more voluminous hair starts at your root. It really matters what products you use depending on your scalp type. How often you wash your hair can also be a key factor in achieving volume. You can also use a dry shampoo to add texture and soak up any excess oil weighing down your hair.

2. Sleep On It The Right Way

The way you sleep on your hair can really affect it in the morning. If you wash your hair at night, it’s super important to tie it up and away from your face so it doesn’t get tangled. Sleeping on your hair the wrong way can also cause your hair to go flat and lose volume. Have you read our article on how to sleep with hair extensions yet?

3. Add Hair Extensions

Whether your favorite method of hair extensions is tape in or clip in, a few strands of hair can do wonders. For tape in extensions, a few extra boxes of hair can add the right amount of volume to your limp locks. Clip-ins are also a great way to add volume for a night out or special day.

What is your favorite method to add volume? Let us know in the comments below!

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