How to Blow Dry Hair Extensions

How to Blow Dry Hair Extensions

How to Blow Dry Hair Extensions

Now that you know how to properly shampoo hair extensions, it’s time to blow dry! A proper blowout on a client wearing hair extensions is a great way to get the most natural looking blend of the client’s natural hair and the extensions, it’s also a great opportunity to check your work and make sure placement is correct and that the client is properly maintaining their extensions at home. Jennifer Pompa, Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Extension Expert, shows us how to blow dry easihair pro’s tape in hair extensions:

Here are a couple of tips for a safe and beautiful service.

Prep With Heat Protectant

Start by prepping the hair with a heat protectant spray, like heat treat and shine, to shield from damage and to protect the color from fading but be sure to keep the product away from the hair extension attachment.

Begin Drying

You’ll first want to dry the hair at the scalp and around the extension attachment. You can press the panels together as you do this to solidify the extension bond.

Use a Round Brush

Once the panels are dry you can proceed to round brush or paddle brush as you normally would. Feel free to use any volumizing or styling products you would like. Working in sections blow dry both the extensions and your client’s natural hair together for the most blended appearance.

Use Heat Tools as Needed

Once your client’s hair is completely dry she’s ready to leave as is, or you can continue to style with a heat tool like a flat iron or curling iron.

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