How to Brush Tape In Hair Extensions

How to Brush Tape In Hair Extensions

Woman Combing Her Hair Extensions In Mirror

Woman Combing Her Hair Extensions In Mirror

Our tape in hair extensions are so high quality, that they can last anywhere from several months to a year IF THEY ARE MAINTAINED PROPERLY. Part of the maintenance process is making sure they are brushing their hair and tape in hair extensions every day.

The Importance of Brushing Tape In Hair Extensions

Often times, when clients first get their hair extensions, they are scared of brushing their hair with the extensions in them. They do not want to harm the hair or attachments, so they are too gentle on the hair extensions or do not brush the extensions enough. This is probably one of the worst things that your clients can do to their extensions. If your clients do not brush their extensions enough, they run the risk of matting their extensions causing you to grab for your shears to cut the extensions out, ruining their extensions.

How to Brush Tape In Extensions

Look at our guide for your clients so that they understand how to brush their tape in hair extensions.

1. Use a Leave In Conditioner Spray

Using a leave in conditioner spray will loosen any knots and make the hair much easier to brush. Be sure to only spray the ends of the hair. Do not spray the roots of your hair. Using a conditioner close to the roots of the hair may cause the hair extensions to slip.

2. Use the Right Brushes

Whenever your client is brushing their hair, they it is best to use the Wet/Dry Detangling Brush first to get out the knots and then a boar’s bristle brush to smooth the hair once the knots have been brushed out. Using any other type of brush on the extensions may be too harsh, so make sure your clients are using the right brushes on their extensions.

3. Start From the Bottom and Move Up

They should be brushing their natural hair along with their hair extensions. When your client is brushing their hair, they should start about 2 inches from the ends of the hair and brush down. Once that section is knot-free, move a few more inches up the shaft and brush down again. Repeat this process until the hair is completely brushed and smooth.

4. Be Careful Around the Roots

You can brush at the root with the Wet Dry Detangling Brush, you just need to be more gentle than with the rest of your head. The Wet Dry Detangling brush is designed to brush near the attachment, without compromising anything.

Brush the Tape In Hair Extensions 2-3 Times a Day

It’s important for your clients to understand that it’s best for proper maintenance that they brush their hair extensions at least twice a day. They also must brush before they go into the shower. We want to be able to partner with stylists through education so that they can teach their clients how to properly maintain their extensions. Our salon grade hair extensions are only available to licensed cosmetologist who have done our certification courses. See the difference our tape in hair extensions can make in your salon.

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