How to Curl Hair Extensions

How to Curl Hair Extensions

how to curl hair extensions

Now that you know how to shampoo and blow dry your hair extensions, the next step is to style them. One of our favorite ways to style our hair extensions is to curl them! Jennifer Pompa, Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Extension Expert, shows us how to curl easihair pro’s tape in hair extensions.

Curling hair with hair extensions is a great way to way to ensure a beautiful blend between your client’s natural hair and the extension hair.

Start With Clean and Dry Hair

Starting with clean and completely dry hair you’ll work in small sections.

Remove Tangles

Remove tangles, then spray your section with a working spray or light styling spray.

Begin Curling

Curl both your client’s natural hair and the extension hair in the same section, we want the hair to blend together not separate from each other. Don’t set your temperature to high, you want to protect both the extensions and your client’s hair, keep your heat tools set between 280-350 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid heat damage and color fading.

Clip Curls

Clip the curl to set as it cools to ensure the curls you are creating will last. Continue to work in small sections until you have curled and set the entire head.

Remove Clips and Spray

After you’ve allowed the hair to cool, remove the clips and gently work through using your fingers or a brush. You can spray again to set if you would like and your client is ready to go!

Do you have a look that you want the easihair pro team to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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