How to Fix Hair Extension Disasters

How to Fix Hair Extension Disasters

Woman Having A Good Hair Day

Woman Having A Good Hair DayNever Have a Bad Hair Day

The worst hair day can happen to the best of us, even those of us with a full head of thick, gorgeous head of hair. Having hair extensions professionally installed is an excellent way to minimize your chances of having a bad hair day, and ruining a perfectly good week, but sometimes, even with extensions, bad hair days happen. For those days, there are steps that you can take to make sure that your hair behaves as often as you need to leave the house.

Disaster: Dry, Dull Hair

This is frustrating for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that dry hair doesn’t always mean unhealthy hair. If you’re someone who lives in a drier climate, and aren’t always able to keep your hair out of the wind, you may find the ends of your hair splitting and breaking, and then your own hair, and your extensions have both lost the look that you and your stylist worked so hard to get for you. If your hair and hair extensions have lost their luster, using a hot oil treatment can do the trick. Since human hair extensions are, by far, the most popular types of hair extensions, they will need this type of care. A hot oil treatment will sit on your hair for up to 20 minutes before needing to be washed out with a lightly moisturizing shampoo. Don’t forget to add your conditioner! If you can, avoid blow-drying your hair, or use your blow-dryer on low heat.

Disaster: Sticky Extensions

Terrible as it sounds, the hair that you invested in to enhance your look can get sticky on you as it is exposed to the elements. If your hair and/or extensions are sticky, and lack their original luster, try changing your shower head to a filtered shower head, and using a light, coconut oil-based hair oil on your hair. It is a common occurrence for minerals in the water that your trust to clean and care for your hair and your skin to contain too much chlorine, calcium, fluoride, and if you live in the desert, sediment for your delicate hair extensions to handle. Using the oil in combination with newly-filtered water should bring back the lustrous style and manageability with which you left the salon.

Disaster: Frizzy, Crinkly Hair and Extensions

Anyone whose hair is curly that has ever been outside on a humid night can attest to the horror (not to mention immense annoyance) of frizzy hair that won’t lay down for anything! Add rain, and you’ve got a recipe for madness. The good news, however, is that frizzy hair is a relatively easy fix. Hop in the shower, comb an extra-emollient conditioner through your hair, being mindful of the base of your extensions near your scalp, and let it sit for your whole shower. As the steam from your shower rises, the cuticles on each of your hair shafts will rise, drink in the conditioner, and heal from the frizz. After rinsing, make sure that you use a couple of drops of oil to keep the moisture in your hair, and you should be good to go!