How to Make Your Hair Extensions Look More Natural

How to Make Your Hair Extensions Look More Natural

Stylist Trimming Hair Extentions to Match Haircut

Stylist Trimming Hair Extentions to Match Haircut

6 Tips for More Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Are you new at using hair extensions? If so, you are probably wondering how and where to place them. Below, we have outlined some hair extension placement tips to ensure you get the most natural look with each and every wear.

1. Let a Stylist Trim Your Extensions to Match Your Haircut

If you are like most, your hair has its own dynamic cut. In some cases, placing hair extensions can look a little awkward.

Thankfully, a hair stylist will be able to trim your hair extensions in a way that will blend seamlessly into your hair.

This can help you get the additional volume, length, and body you are looking for, without the worry of looking like you are wearing hair extensions.

2. Backcomb Your Hair Before Placing in Hair Extensions

If you are wearing clip in hair extensions, the best way to keep them secure in place is to backcomb your hair.

Take a section of your natural hair that you are using as your base to clip in your extension. Take a fine tooth comb and push your hair towards the root. Do this multiple times. This will create a better base for the clips on your extensions to hold on to.

Drooping hair extensions are not only uncomfortable, but can start to show. By backcombing your roots, you can keep your hair safe and secure throughout the day to keep it looking as natural as possible.

3. Place in Hair Extension, Then Brush Your Hair

One thing that many struggle with is blending natural hair and hair extensions hair. While our hair extensions are 100% human hair, you still need to spend some time ensuring that your natural hair and your hair extension are one in the same.

The best way to do so is to brush your hair and the extension together. Start by placing your extensions. When they are securely in place, brush your hair together from the bottom, up.

After brushing, style as you desire. This will help the hair blend more naturally and help the style last longer in your own hair.

4. Place Hair Extensions at an Angle

If you are having trouble making your hair extensions blend naturally by the front of your face, try placing them at an angle. This will give you a softer look, while giving you more body and length. It will also give your hair a more feathered, natural look.

5. Clip Hair Extensions Closer Together

For girls with short hair or short layers, placing hair extensions closer together can give you a more natural appearance.

Rather than piecing hair extensions on the back and sides of your head only, try layering multiple strands throughout your entire head. This will help break up layers and give you a fuller body of hair, without looking unnatural.

6. Place Hair Extensions Upside Down for Updos

Many of us use hair extensions to create beautiful updos. They can give us length for long, sleek ponytails, a full body of hair for elegant messy buns, and can you create a mermaid-like side braid.

If you are trying to add more body to your updo, try placing extensions upside down. Because you will be pulling the hair up, rather than letting the hair fall down, placing it in upside down will be more comfortable and give you a more concealed look.

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