How to Shampoo Hair Extensions

How to Shampoo Hair Extensions

How to Shampoo Hair Extensions

More and more women are visiting the salon to have their hair shampooed, blown-out and styled on a regular basis. If your client is wearing ehp tape in extensions you may need a bit more direction on how to perform this service without damaging the extension attachment. Jennifer Pompa, Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Extension Expert, shows us how to shampoo easihair pro’s tape in hair extensions.

For the most part, a shampoo and blowout or style should look the same as if you were performing the service on your client’s natural hair, but here are few tips and tricks to help guide you through:

Brush Hair to Remove Tangles

When your client arrives be sure to detangle the hair before heading to the shampoo bowl. Extensions need to be brushed often to avoid tangling or matting and sometimes a client is unaware they have not thoroughly removed tangles before coming in, be sure to pay special attention around the nape or neck as this is a common area that clients overlook at home. We recommend using easihair pro’s Wet/Dry Tangling Hair Brush. It’s much easier to remove tangles prior to shampooing rather than after when working tangles through wet hair can cause pulling or even slipping of the extension attachment.

Use Color Safe Shampoo

Be sure to use non-hydrating and color safe shampoo on your client’s extensions. We’re using easihair pro Hair Extension Shampoo. Once the hair is wet you’ll lather and shampoo as normal but pay special attention to work your fingers between the panels, styling products, and natural oils tend to build up here. We recommend shampooing 2 times. The first shampoo removes styling products, dirt, and debris, and the second shampoo really cleans. Make sure when you rinse you pay special attention to rinsing between the panels as well.

If you are using a conditioner be sure to keep it away from the scalp or hair extension attachment. Applying conditioner on the hair extension panel may cause slipping. You can gather the hair in a ponytail and apply from this point through the ends. Thoroughly
rinse and your client is ready for a blowout.

Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Because hair extensions aren’t attached to the scalp they do not get the disbursement of the natural oils as our natural hair does, so they need extra hydration to stay looking amazing. Use ehp Leave-in Conditioner to replace any moisture and seal and protect. You can gently work the leave-in conditioner through the hair ends with a Wet/Dry brush, again making sure you keep the conditioner off of the extension attachment, I emphasize gently since hair extensions are usually most vulnerable when wet, and any slipping or panels coming out usually occurs when the hair is wet. It’s usually helpful to separate the crown portion of your client’s natural hair up and away so you are able to see the extensions as you work.

Once your client is properly shampooed and the hair is prepped with a leave-in conditioner you’re ready to perform a blowout!

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