Is Your Salon Ready to Open for Business?

Is Your Salon Ready to Open for Business?

Virtual Consultation Hair Extensions

With many salons across the country already open for business and more preparing to open soon, you may find yourself navigating uncharted territory. Chances are you’re thinking of ways to make up for months of lost revenue, protecting the health of your team and customers, while trying to keep up with the ever-changing state mandates and still providing top-notch experiences.

For the easiest way to prepare for a successful reopening, check our COVID Resource Page, (updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and has info broken down by state.)

Due to the new occupancy limitations, time and space have never been a more valuable commodity. You can save time in the salon by giving your Client the attention they deserve before their in-salon visit.

Why Virtual Consultation?

A Virtual Consultation will allow you to connect with your client to discuss their needs and goals in a pressure-free environment without masks or space limitations, and set both of you up to win for your in-salon visit.

It is a great way to let your clients know you’ve not only been thinking about them but that you’ve also been hard at work in planning for their safe return.

By having a Virtual Consultation with your client, you will be saving valuable time in the salon by also making sure your Client’s needs are met.

Before your Virtual Consultation:

  1. Freshen up on the unique way easihair pro approaches Consultations. You can do this by reviewing your Education Manual or by logging into your easihair pro account and watching our Education Videos.
  2. Review your client’s past 3-4 visits to review what type of services they’ve received and what type of retail products they usually purchase.
  3. Have your easihair pro consultation form handy so you can conduct a flawless consultation without missing anything important. If you need one, you can download a Consultation Form in your easihair pro website account under “User Forms.”
  4. Schedule the Virtual Consultation 48 – 72 hours before their salon appointment. Tools to connect with your clients include Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, or Skype.

What To Say:

Be Human First

Spend the first minute doing a personal check-in. If you do not do this, the majority of your in-person experience will be spent discussing their quarantine life. Ask about them, their health, how their family is doing. Give them a chance to share their experience and be heard.

This also helps you gauge how they are relating to the situation. If they have been impacted economically or if they have someone who is sick or have lost someone, knowing this information is important. Empathy always goes a long way.

Get the 411 on the State of their Hair

Here’s where you’ll need your consultation pad. Because you haven’t seen them in person – in some cases for over 2 months, first start by asking them what they have been doing to take care of their hair during the quarantine.

Make sure to create a safe space for them to share and, without any hint of judgment, ask if they’ve done anything to chemically alter their hair during this time, such as home color.

If they are an easihair pro client, ask if they’ve removed any of their extension panels, and what challenges they’ve had in doing so. If they have not removed their easihair pro hair extensions, how much re-growth do they have showing?

Ask what products they’re currently out of – or running low on. This will allow you to have their take-home products pre-packed and ready for them.

Go Over What’s New and What They Can Expect When They Visit The Salon

If you have discontinued services such as blow-drying, be sure to notify your clients and suggest a virtual blow-dry tutorial for clients who need extra support.

Make sure to notify them of your new hours, check-in procedures, and sanitation protocols such as text notifications, masks, sanitation, gloves, and no-touch thermometers.

Take this opportunity to provide certainty to your guest, especially when it comes to your new check-in procedures and sanitation protocols. Keep in mind that “different” for some people can create uncertainty and discomfort, so make sure that you approach each conversation with compassion.


If you’re interested in increasing your average service ticket, retail ticket, and prebooking percentage, learn more about our Certification Courses.

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