Knowledge is Power

There is no substitute for hard work, however knowing where to direct your efforts is the fastest way to maximize your success. Regardless of whether you are a salon owner, commissioned stylist or booth renter, the business challenges and limitations are the same.

Here are four tips that will set you apart from the rest and guide you toward success!

  1. Know your numbers-
  • How many hours do you work per day?
  • How many days do you work per week?
  • How many weeks of vacation, on average, do you take per year?
  • How many clients do you service per week?
  • What is your average annual income by month (prior year)?
  • What are your monthly retail sales (prior year)?
  • Do you re-book your clients at the end of each appointment?
  • How many clients have you added this year and how many have you lost?
  1. Seek out the best in the industry-
  • Surround yourself with the best and the brightest in the industry.
  • Learning from the best will allow you the best opportunity for success.
  • easihair pro believes that collectively the beauty industry is stronger than any individual, and there is so much that we can learn from each other.
  1. Invest in your clients by knowing their needs and preferences-
  • Dedicate yourself to knowing your clients’ every hair needs, wants and dreams.
  • Know their specific hair challenges and strive to provide solutions.
  • Have profile sheets of all your clients to keep records of what works and what does not work.
  1. Know your value-
  • Are you overworked and not getting ahead?
  • If the answer is yes, then you may need to adjust your rates to meet market demands.
  • You may lose a client or two, however in the long run you will be working smarter not harder.

If you want to learn how to adjust your prices to meet market demand without fear and how to change your business and your life, you should seriously consider investing in Inspiring Champions Cash Flow Camp. To get started call our Customer Service Department at (855)-704-4100.

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